Company Profile

H&J Corporate Services (Cayman) Ltd. is a fully licensed corporate manager in the Cayman Islands.

H&J Corporate Services (Cayman) Ltd. provides administration for investment and trading companies established in the Cayman Islands as well as special purpose companies established to own ships and aircraft and for other purposes. Where a client confirms that it is essential, our firm is able to form a company within twenty-four hours of receiving complete due diligence, completed company questionnaire and the necessary fees.

In the event where a client wishes to register a yacht, we are then able to co-ordinate the company registration and yacht registration process by liaising with the purchaser and, if necessary, any lending institution and attorneys as well as with Higgs & Johnson who will oversee the legal issues relating to shipping transactions.

The staff of H&J Corporate Services (Cayman) Ltd. have in-depth experience with the corporate administration of Mutual Funds in the Cayman Islands and structured finance transactions.

Our Mission

To become the benchmark of integrity, excellence and professionalism in our industry. To accomplish this, we will continuously demonstrate our dedication to providing first-class corporate services to our clients thereby exemplifying our commitment to being efficient and reliable and in the process, cultivate a sustainable relationship with our clients that is built on trust, mutual respect and confidence.

The Bahamas - Team